Sambhav Industries

Sambhav Industries is a young business founded by an experienced well-rounded Management team with motivation to become a multi-national company with strong established roots in India. We are looking at opportunities to expand our reach into UK & Europe.

Our primary focus includes supply of starch & starch derivatives addressing the specialised requirements of our Customers in the Textile, Paper, Food & Confectionery and Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Janardan Upadhyaya - Chairman

Janardan has over 50+ years experience in managing business relationships with several multi-national conglomerates including BASF India, CibaGeigy, Dyestar India, J. R. Geigy, IDI Industries, Suhrid Geigy and Mafatlal Dyestuffs & Chemicals. The family business successfuly established one of the oldest & reputed business concerns in Dyes & Chemicals industry. It has provided regular & efficient service to Customers located in North India for over 80 years.

Ripul Upadhyaya - Founder & Managing Director

With extensive management & technical expertise in the Chemical & Dyes industries, Ripul jointly founded Sambhav Industries with Ashe. Ripul has Sales & Marketing as well as technical experience from having dealt with several multi-national conglomerates including BASF India, Dyestar India and Mafatlal Dyestuffs & Chemicals. In the last 5 years, Ripul has co-founded several other businesses in Asset Security and Software development.

Ashe Upadhyaya - Founder & COO

Ashe has over 35 years in IT & Telecommunications experience building and maintaining Customer and Partner relationships across Europe, Middle East & Asia. Over the last 15 years, Ashe has built several new businesses related to software & web services. Previously, Ashe has led teams in several organizations including Vodafone Global, Psion Group, Wang Laboratories & Sun Microsystems. Ashe is based in the UK.